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Rams vs Vikings :  Thursday Night Football in Week 4 For most of my weekly game previews, I like to start my articles with some sort of ice-breaking attempt at being clever. That’s their No. 1 goal. … We have to do a much better job. I think we’re a lot smarter football team than we were in the past, so I hope that shows on Thursday night.” Kirk Cousin, Sean McVay Reunite for Vikings Vs. Rams Thursday

(“Attempt” usually being the operative word.) Whether it’s a personal anecdote, a quasi-comedic theme I try to weave throughout the preview, or even a song parody, I usually make an effort to keep things lighthearted before delving into the football.

This week, it doesn’t feel right.

The Los Angeles Rams (3-0) host the Minnesota Vikings (1-1-1) on. The Rams, fresh off the “Fight for LA” victory against the Chargers on Sunday, look to remain undefeated. The Vikings will look to bounce back from a lopsided, and unexpected, home loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. Can the Rams, who are dinged up on defense, secure victory in primetime?

The Turf Show Times’ staff make their predictions:

go rams (@AndrewKulick)
Rams wake up from sack slump, otherwise their doomed

Prediction: Rams win, 27-17

RamBuck (@lannyosu)
The Rams are being battle tested, and have a lot of shaking up to do in the secondary. Thielen and Diggs are one of the best WR duos in the league, and will cause some issues. However, the Rams will get two FG’s from Ficken to keep the game out of reach. Also, Suh, Donald, Brockers and Ebukam will EAT the Vikings’ OL.

Indeed, they’re getting back together Thursday night in a compelling early season NFC showdown between McVay’s Rams (3-0) and Cousins’ Vikings (1-1-1).

And both say they wouldn’t be there under the Coliseum lights without the other.

“I feel fortunate to have worked with Kirk,” McVay said.

“Sometimes you hear people talk about not having the strongest arm or whatever, (but) I’m not sure what film they’re watching,” McVay added.

“He can make every single throw. I think he has the ability to speed it up with excellent twitch. He can change the launch point. So you’re not limited in any way that you can utilize him. And I couldn’t be happier for Kirk, and I’ll be rooting for him the rest of the year after Thursday night.”

Their meeting will be an interesting barometer for both teams’ early season fortunes.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-21

Eddie Perez (@iAmEddieP_)
Rams are on a short week this week against the Minnesota Vikings. The defense is a bit banged up with Marcus Peters & Aqib Talib going down. That’ll be tough against MIN’s receivers. I still like our chances, however. The offense is clicking on all cylinders at the moment. And, despite the lack of sacks, I like the pass rush Samson Ebukam brings. Give me the Rams with another 30-point game.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-27

Michael Frank (@turfshowtimesmike)
Rams: Injuries to the Rams top 2 CBs & and no pressure from the Outside Linebackers just yet. Vikings: Horrific showing vs. Buffalo with overall morale down. With a short week this game will come down to who makes the least mistakes. Rams offense will have to carry the load as the Rams defense will try to make the Vikings one dimensional and have them rely on passing. Wade Phillips comes through.

Not because of the egg that the Vikings laid this past Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium against the formerly winless Bills. If anything, I usually ramp up the comedy and snark after a particularly bad loss; reading most of my articles from the 2013 season will confirm that. It doesn’t feel appropriate because of the ongoing situation with star defensive end Everson Griffen.

By now you have likely heard about the sad and bizarre series of incidents revolving around Griffen last weekend. While there have been countless rumors and innuendo swirling around the internet, especially Twitter, here are some of the aspects of the story that have been vetted by some of the most reliable reporters in the area:

Griffen had an incident at the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis Saturday afternoon. He was allegedly threatening employees and lying on the lobby floor. No arrests were made and the hotel did not press charges.
A second police-involved incident occurred near Griffen’s home in Minnetrista later that Saturday. His erratic behavior ultimately resulted in an ambulance trip. He apparently fled the ambulance for a brief time before agreeing to go back on the trip with a police escort. Griffen is currently in a mental health facility for evaluation and treatment.
Saturday was not an isolated incident. Teammates, friends, and family had been concerned about his well being for weeks leading up to last weekend. The team told Griffen to focus on his personal situation over the weekend.
There are lots of other details, but that is a high-level overview of what has apparently unfolded over the past few days. For purposes of this article, the minutiae of exactly what happened isn’t the important part here. What matters is that one of the Vikings’ star players appears to be struggling with a pretty significant mental health issue.

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