This Weekend You will be Amazed!

Broker Jürgen Klopp said on Tuesday that Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool was physically tested to prepare for the conflict in the Chelsea League Cup on Wednesday, while defender Dejan Lovrene got rid of the pelvis. Available after injury.
Van Dyck struck a blow at the early rib injury and was replaced with a 3-0 win over Liverpool over Southampton on Saturday.

This result allowed the developers of the early race speed in the Premier League to win six wins from several matches.

“It’s much better, it’s still a little painful, nothing more. We’ll see how we manage. It’s not too serious, but it’s not entirely true, so you need to be sure.

“We will see his today’s speech and make a decision,” Klopp told reporters before the third round of the Anfield Cup.

If Van Dijk is eliminated, an experienced Lovren can fill it. The 29-year-old player did not participate in an early pelvic injury during the World Cup final in Croatia in July.

“De Yan looks very good, he usually trains four times, he worked with the gym 10 days before. He looks ready, “Klopp added.
Klopp said that the preferred goalkeeper Alesund will replace his position in Simone Minogue.
Nevertheless, the Germans said that he will demonstrate the tough side of the team Maurizio Sarri.
Liverpool returned to the Premier League on Saturday, and this week they again met with Chelsea and challenged Stamford Bridge.

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